The Latest Books from The Ginger Press

The Ginger Press began publishing in 1987, to provide books for local readers who wanted to find their own community reflected in what they read. There were very few titles available which highlighted the Owen Sound region. Since then, The Ginger Press has published over 75 works of fiction, non-fiction, coffee table picture books, nature guides, biography, poetry and full colour children's books which explore all aspects of this community – the past, the present and the imagined future – providing a remarkable resource for readers of all ages. Our most recent releases are described below.

Local historian Ruth Cathcart has profiled more than one hundred significant local houses in her new book, Seeking Permanence in a New Land: Historic Houses in Grey and Bruce Counties. With a foreword by librarian Andrew Armitage, the book combines architectural descriptions with anecdotes of the builders and residents. The author provides a permanent record of the domestic vernacular styles – including Ontario Gothic and Wilderness Georgian – which emerged in Grey and Bruce in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Each of the selected homes is shown in a full-page black and white photograph which highlights its unique features. Available in a comprehensive, limited, numbered and autographed legacy edition, there will only be 150 hardcover copies made of Seeking Permanence in a New Land (now available - $100). There is also a softcover edition for $35.00 “Ruth Cathcart travelled extensively throughout the region recording over 500 houses, from which she selected the finest examples for Seeking Permanence in a New Land,” says publisher Maryann Thomas. “This important book will provide a record of the way things were for future generations.”

From 1951 to l955, lacrosse player Lloyd "Moon" Wootton helped first Owen Sound then Peterborough win the prestigious national Mann Cup. Arguably the finest lacrosse goalie ever, Moon Wootton was a charismatic sports hero who captured the hearts of fans and inspired thousands of youngsters to take up the game. Moon Remembered: The Life of Lacrosse Goalie Lloyd Moon Wootton ($24.95), a new book written by daughter Donna Wootton, brings to life the post-war era when lacrosse was declared Canada's national game; it was even more popular than hockey!

Recent Books from The Ginger Press

9.The Lady of the Cat by Brian Barrie with illustrations by Bonita Johnson de Matteis
Long ago and far away, in the shadow of time, darkness prevailed. Suddenly, on one magical mysterious night, everything changed. Nothing would ever be the same again. The Lady of the Cat describes this remarkable transformation. Author Brian Barrie and artist Bonita Johnson de Matteis have created a new myth to describe an ancient miracle. $24.95 - softcover
Also available in a limited, numbered, handbound edition - $50

8. The Christmas Train by Richard Thomas
In this prequel to author Richard Thomas's series of mystery books, D.B. Murphy is young and in love. He needs to catch some robbers and find his friend before anything bad happens. The Christmas Train first appeared in the Owen Sound Sun Times as an exciting five-part newspaper serial in the days between Christmas and New Year's. Written for younger readers, it is sure to become a Christmas classic. $9.95

7. A Photographer's Owen Sound: Photographs by Gerry McDonald 1955 - 1974
This is the third in a series of a beautiful hardcover books with full-frame black and white photographs of Owen Sound. A Photographer's Owen Sound: Photographs by Gerry McDonald 1955 - 1974 is available in a limited edition, signed and numbered hardcover edition ($100.00) and a softcover edition ($35.00).

6. Threads: Piecing Together the Underground Railroad by Bonita Johnson de Matteis
This wonderful new sequel to Bonita's Going North describes the quilts used to reveal safe houses and trails for the runaway slaves escaping to Canada. As Bonita says, "My understanding of early Owen Sound Black history comes from stories of my grandmother's experiences. This story is a thread from Gramma Susan (Earls) Johnson Wilson to her grandchildren and great grandchildren." With bold full colour illustrations and a lively text, Threads provides an important true story of bravery for young readers. $14.95

5. Roses in December: A Biography of Eddie Sargent by Patty Belle Sargent
Roses in December captures Eddie's enthusiasm for life. Starting as a youngster in a remote logging camp in northern Ontario through to his residency in the penthouse at the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto, this story is a social biography that chronicles the tumultuous growth, politics and change during the middle years of the last century. Eddie Sargent served as mayor of Owen Sound and MPP for the region for many decades.
now available $28.95

4. Evaluating: The Critique in the Studio Workshop by Stephen Hogbin
Featured in the February 2008 issue of Woodwork magazine, this new book describes the why of making for woodworkers. In his Foreword, Edward Cooke (Professor of Art, Yale University) says, "Evaluating by Stephen Hogbin provides a way to enter into a full examination of an object's meaning, from conception to assessment."
available in a numbered and signed edition - $24.95

3. Forward: Poems and Photographs by Susan Gibson
Susan has been living and working in the Grey-Bruce region for the past twenty years. This lovely collection of poems and photographs explores the wonders her life here.
available in a signed edition - $13.95

2. The Devil's Chautauqua: A DB Murphy Mystery set in 1925 in Owen Sound by Richard Thomas
The history in this fast-paced novel is real and the mystery is fictional. The Devil's Chautauqua is the sixth novel in the series set in the roaring twenties when alcohol was illegal and automobiles were a novelty.
available in a signed edition - $18.95
Other DB Murphy novels available:
Horseshoe to Gumshoe: The DB Murphy Omnibus containing the first three novels
(Gas Head Willy, The Lost Tire Gang and Thimblerig) $24.95
Four Deuces North $18.95
Special to the Star $18.95

1. Owen Sound: The Community View
Black and white photographs from private collections from 1866-1957. This elegant softcover book shows Owen Sound the way it was.
$35.00 (Also available in a signed, limited edition hardcover for $100)

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